TIMEX Heart Monitor Selection

While Timex made their reputation by being one of the first companies in the world to make electronic watches running off of a timing quartz mechanism, the company hasn't been sitting still. As computer technology has shrunk, Timex has kept up with the times, and incorporated many devices into wrist watches and personal wearable technology.

Timex built their reputation on reliability and comfort and their heart rate monitors do the same. Some of the lower end models cost about what a meal at a fast food restaurant does, all things considered, while higher end models can cost as much as a netbook-class laptop. Between these two extremes is a heart rate monitor that will do everything you need it to do from co-ordinating and running your workout to peak efficiency.

Purpose and Features

If you're new to the idea of real time biometric data on your workouts, you're not alone. Back in the '80s, after each segment of a workout, runners would stop and put their fingertips to their throats to get their pulse rates, multiply it by a certain amount and get their beats per minute; the aim being to keep heart rates at the right level through the workout to facilitate burning fat, or to strengthen the heart muscle overall, or to just build endurance and cardio vascular fitness. The advent of very small, passive skin induction heart rate monitors changed this process.

Timex heart rate monitors use a wireless connection from a chest band to the wrist unit; the chest bands are designed for comfort and wearability, and the wrist units are designed for durability, fashion and functionality.

Depending on the model you choose, you can have it record how long your heart rate fit within a particular range of exercises, as well as a straightforward beats per minute notation. Even higher end ones will, in conjunction with a pedometer and some input profiles like inseam length and body weight, tell you how many calories you've burned off over the course of your workout.

Other Features

Timex heart rate monitors also cover the features that have been standard on digital and exercise watches for decades, from alarms to countdown timers and more. Higher end models use a digital FM protocol so that your wrist monitor won't cross talk with the heart monitors used by your workout partners.
And, of course, it wouldn't be a Timex if it weren't built for durability. All of these heart rate monitors are built for extreme use, and the least expensive of them is water resistant to 10 meters. Most are water resistant to 50 meters or more.

A number of heart rate monitors also have alternate attachment systems, usually used for cyclists, sometimes for skiers, who want to mount the wrist unit on the handlebars or another piece of equipment, so that your monitoring information is displayed where you want it. Despite having less than ten models available in their lineup, Timex offers good pricing and a nice steady progression of cost and features. Timex's basic, no-frills heart rate monitor retails at low prices. At each additional price bracket, more features are available, up to a complete training program that sync through wireless connection with your laptop. Seven of their ten models, however, are available for less than £80 ($110). The Timex heart monitor range is also very fashion conscious, offering a variety of styles and colors. While Nike's lineup favors the young athlete, however, Timex targets the middle-income, middle-class, middle-aged professional market.

Timex heart rate monitors are easy to use and very accurate. For the quality and accuracy that the Timex heart rate monitors give, the prices that you pay for them are ridiculously cheap. Never lacking in style, these heart rate monitors double as a classy watch for many.

Timex Heart Rate Monitor

Keeping your workout in tune with your heart beats is what the Timex heart monitor does best. The Timex heart rate monitor is built to last. These heart monitors are the perfect workout buddies for those seriously looking to take their workout up a few steps. Look for one of the best with Timex heart rate monitors. You are sure to get a run for your money.