The Ultimate Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor Review

polar-rcx5It's time Polar introduce a product that meets exactly what runners, cyclists, triathletes and fitness and health enthusiasts demand. Polar has been the name carried by all-in-one fitness watches, which revolutionized the way people work out their fitness and athletes train at their best. If there were one product that everyone should watch out for, it would be the Polar RCX5. Datalink wireless data transfers, Wearlink Hybrid chest strap, multi sport profiles and in-water heart rate monitoring are just few of the features that will make Polar RCX5 a hot item of year 2011.

Key Features

One of the most striking features of the all-new Polar RCX5 is its newly designed Wearlink Hybrid chest strap or the disturbance-free hybrid transmitter. The new strap introduces two interesting technologies; the in-water heart rate monitoring (swimming) and GPS functions. For a heart rate monitor that can handle multi sport profiles for specific sports training data, it adds swimming to the many sports that it supports. This time, triathletes can enjoy the beauty of training with a device that monitors every move and every sport they do.

As previously mentioned, the RCX5 offers multi sport profile options with 5 heart rate zones. This way, its user can conveniently monitor different zones for swimming, running, cycling, biking and other fitness activities. This feature would work nicely on those who deal with easy aerobic days and tougher weightlifting days. The product's ZoneOptimizer technology allows you to adjust your training based on your current physiological condition and set training heart zones. This will make every workout effective and worth it. More training tools can be enjoyed with its Polar DataLink connectivity, which allow you to access many downloadable programs that can help you train better.

Customizing Polar RCX5

Don't make any wrong impression just yet. On its own, the all-new RCX5 can do a lot more than most new heart rate monitor releases. However, runners, cyclists and triathletes may enjoy a complete training experience with the G5 GPS sensor, s3+ stride sensor and CS cadence sensor. Runners are likely to boost their training advantage with the s3+ stride sensor ability to monitor running cadence and stride length at real time. Cyclists may determine pedaling rate in real time and average time with RCX5's wireless CS cadence sensor. Triathlons may find the G5 GPS sensor handy in monitoring a wide range of outdoor sports while keeping track of their route map via compatible software or Polar web service. These accessories are designed to be aerodynamic and light to ensure stress-free heart rate monitoring and fitness and sports training.

The Good

The good thing about Polar RCX5 is its improved data transmission and heart rate monitoring features, which is useful in training for many different sports. Its GPS feature brought massive marketing advantage to this product. Unlike other GPS-enabled heart rate monitors, RCX5 is compact as the size of a cell phone battery.

The Bad

RCX5 is almost an ideal watch. However, its GPS integration function presented one point of concern. With swimming, although it can pick up about 5 kHz of heart rate under water, its G5 GPS unit is not waterproof.


In many ways, the Polar RCX5 heart rate monitor functions as a proactive training partner that automatically covers all the planning and adjustments necessary for effective training. Its improved system of heart rate monitoring and more training zone options deliver just about what a fancy personal trainer can do in working out your weight loss, fitness or training goals.

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