Suunto Heart Rate Monitor Array

There are only a few pieces of equipment more important in training and fitness than a Heart Rate Monitor. It effectively helps in a training regimen by keeping track of the relationship between your heart rate and your workout. What better tool is there than a Suunto Heart Rate Monitor. Like Polar, the Finnish company Suunto specializes in heart rate monitors. Consequently, they have over a dozen models for running, biking, swimming, and team sports.

The Suunto Heart Rate Monitor Overview

All athletes are aware of the importance of knowing the relationship between their workout and their heart rate. With that, among other more important personal training devices, heart rate monitors are almost always worn by training athletes. It basically helps determine the effectiveness of training workouts. By accurately measuring the deviation of a person’s heart rate, it guides the trainer as well as the athlete to the best time to take a break and optimize the physical benefits of a particular workout. Similarly, wearing a heart rate monitor is not only limited to athletes.

Ordinary individuals who are serious about their physical training or physical fitness regimen can wear one. With that, Suunto is the name to trust. With the release of the exclusive line of sporty Suunto heart rate monitor, one practical and great-valued personal training device is at hand.

Product Features

At first sight, a Suunto heart rate monitor would seem like any other heart rate monitor that is available in the market. However, its functional advantages made it the leading choice of wearable heart rate monitoring devices among serious runners, cyclists and other athletes. Suunto’s sophisticated approach to their designs of heart rate monitors has given its customers a sports training lab right on their wrists. Some models have incorporated calorie reading capabilities.

The product employs a light and comfortable chest wrap. Instead of being wired all the way to its display which doubles as a sports wrist watch, it is designed to send data through wireless connections. Its textile comfort chest wrap or chest belt is so comfortable and light, you can practically forget it is there as you run or train.

As one of the leaders in compact digital technologies, Suunto makes use of patented software which enables their heart rate monitors to feature a fully customizable screen layout as well as other measuring capabilities such as an altimeter which is extremely helpful for hill training and altitude analysis. It also features Global Positioning System capabilities which are useful in maintaining the security of training at high-risk locations.

In addition, Suunto make it a point that their sports training gadgets are capable of other dynamic and useful functions. Hence, even it appears so; a Suunto heart rate monitor is capable of all basic watch functions such as dual time, date, alarm, stop watch, interval, countdown timer features and more.

Why Choose one of the Suunto Heart Rate Monitors

Whether you are into cycling, running, swimming, skating or skiing; virtually all sports training require a good heart rate monitoring device. And when it comes to that, there’s no better gadget out there than a Suunto heart rate monitor. The product practically gives every training person the information that they need. With Suunto, heart rate monitors have never been so versatile. These smart gadgets will tell whether or not an individual trains too little or too hard, keeping them on-track with their training zones which optimizes improvements or training benefits.

Their basic, low-end heart monitor costs slightly more than Polar's basic model, but offers more features, including a calorie counter and workout memory. From there, Suunto's prices climb quickly for their high-end products. These are fully featured models complete with PC/Laptop training software and customizable display screens. Unlike Polar, Suunto offers many of their heart monitor models in versions specifically designed for women. If you are a woman seeking the detail and power of a Polar heart monitor but prefer one more comfortable and flattering to wear, try a Suunto heart rate monitor first.

The Suunto heart rate monitors are great for anyone that is seriously thinking of taking their workout to another level. The great thing about this wonderful tool is that, Suunto has got models for both men and women.