Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

I love to exercise. And if you’re reading this I’m guessing you do too. But it’s one thing to exercise and another to exercise smart and make your work-out count. That’s why I do many heart rate monitor reviews and in this case the Polar heart rate monitor review. I first read other Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews and was impressed enough to purchase one for my own as it was also quite affordable. I haven’t been let down and I’ve had my Polar FT1 for eight months now. I received my Polar FT1 within the time promised and in good condition.

Now earlier I mentioned exercising smart. With the Polar FT1 heart rate monitor you can maintain your optimal heart rate and in this way achieve the fitness goals you’ve set out for yourself without making clueless efforts. This also allows you keep within your exercise target zone and not overdo things. I use it whether I’m at the gym, on the treadmill at home, on morning runs and even when I’m out cycling.

The face size is medium so it doesn’t look awkward or get in the way of my training but it is able to show your rate on the easy-to-read display which is easy on the eyes. The programing is also pretty simple. This model has a slimmer case and improved face. It has a chest strap and wrist receiver. And after your workout the Polar FT1 heart rate monitor displays a summary of your latest workout. It’s actually water resistant for up to 30m. I had hoped the manufactures explained what exactly that meant. Can I swim with it for 30m at a time? Run 30m in the rain before I needed to take shelter? All the same, it hasn’t given me any trouble in that regard – whatever it means.

I like that the Polar FT1 is not overloaded with features that will take your head on a spin like some other heart rate monitors, of course that all depends on personal preference. If you prefer a simple to use heart rate monitor that does its work well then the Polar FT1 is definitely for you.

The Polar FT1 is a great gift idea for a partner who needs the exercise, maybe this heart rate monitor will be the needed motivation. My friend bought one for his wife and now they take jogs together more often.

I hope that with other Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews you’ve read, this one has given you a fair idea of what to expect when purchasing a Polar FT1. It is a product I strongly recommend to accompany you on your exercise regime to a healthier life.

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