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Polar Heart Monitors can tell you what is going on with your heart during exercise. It would be a risk to rely on inferior heart monitors when it comes to the matters of the heart. It is no wonder athletes and exercise buffs depend on Polar Heart Monitors to keep track of their heart’s fitness during exercise and rigorous sports training.

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Polar is world-renowned when it comes to heart rate monitors and other similar technologies. The company was founded in the late 1970’s and was the brain-child of Prof. Seppo Säynäjäkangas, of the University of Oulu in Finland.

It all started when a friend of his, a skiing coach, complained that there was absolutely no way of monitoring the heart rate of his athletes while training. This prompted Professor Säynäjäkangas to work on the first portable heart rate monitor. The first prototype was a battery operated fingertip pulse meter that saw immediate acceptance in sports circles in the early 80s. Advances in technology helped refine and improve the first heart rate monitor. Today, athletes and sports trainers all over the world rely on this heart rate monitor. Although the revolutionary product started in Finland, the Company has grown to become a global icon in sports training and physical fitness. Talk about consistent top notch performance – that’s the Polar brand.

The Company

And like all of the Polar reviews, the polar monitors are leaders in equipping people around the globe with first-rate and trustworthy technology. The company is committed to provide beginners and professional athletes alike with the dependable heart rate monitor to enhance and optimize their performance.

With increasing advances in technology and the demands of the sports world plus the increasing awareness of the value of physical fitness, Polar was quick grasp technological advance to respond to the demands by creating innovative products and accessories geared towards the quest for a healthier lifestyle and the drive to succeed in the sports arena. The Polar Heart Monitor or the Heart Rate Monitor saw several innovations along the way with the Polar touch.

The Polar Heart Monitor
When it comes to personalized training programs, the heart rate monitor does not only track the variability of the heart rate in real time but also the breathing rate. This can be strapped to the body without any inconvenience. This staples monitors can be also worn on the wrist like a watch. The Polar Heart Monitor with its STAR training program, weekly training targets can be formulated based on the training habits inputted, complete with the appropriate feedback and guidance. This feature allows for training flexibility and adaptability, which, based on most heart rate monitors reviews, other HRMs do not offer.

The Benefits

Some people might wonder how monitoring one’s heart rate can improve training and performance. Understanding what your body is telling you is a huge factor and the key to your sports training success. With the use of the heart rate monitor one can determine if the exercise is going right and the body is in sync with the strenuous physical activity.

Training and exercising with the Polar heart rate monitor eliminates any anxiety over the body’s condition and can enhance training performance. Those using the heart rate monitor can push themselves to the limits or refrain from punitive exercises with the aid of the heart rate monitor. But best of all, the Polar heart rate monitor makes sure that athletes or the ordinary joggers listen to their hearts.