Polar CS500 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor Review

Cycling continues to be one of the best ways in getting physically fit. However, it would help greatly if you can see how well your exercising efforts are paying off. Too little exercise doesn't help much in the long run while too much exercise can tire you out. The Polar CS500 acts as a cycling heart monitor so you can have the most optimized training. Here are some of the features that you can expect from the Polar CS500.

Polar CS500 Main Features

Polar CS500 helps you determine the daily heart rate target zones. These statistics are shown on the main display in large easy to read figures. This cycling heart monitor is simple to install on any bicycle so you can see the statistics as you bike. There is a rocker switch that toggles the display so the CS500 serves as dashboard where you can see how fast you are going. The stopwatch functions can be used on that screen as well.

Other Features

The CS500 Polar heart rate monitor is packed with great features for those wanting some serious feedbacks on their bicycle riding. The special computer can be set to begin recording your data when the wheels are turning, which many cyclist found particularly useful when racing, particularly when the start device is forgotten to be put on. The monitor comes with the menu navigation made simple by the cleverly designed two-way rocker switch. It is used by leaving your hands on the top and scrolling by using the thumbs.

When going for daily rides you can choose from a series of displays on the monitor: for time trialling, as an example, you could show the heart rate, distance that has been travelled at the same time your speed. It is quite reassuring to know your real-time data is being stored. The W.I.N.D. technology ensures interference-free transmission no matter how fast you are going. Even if you bike uphill or downhill, the altitude measurement is accurately shown so you can see how that can affect your cycling session.

Polar CS500 Extra Features

The Polar CS500 is useful even if you are not actively biking. Once your biking session is finished, you can use the controls to review your training data. You can also synchronize the information to a laptop and then upload the data on the Polar personal trainer website for easy accessibility. The training data on the cycling heart monitor can then be cleared for the next biking session.

Final Words

The Polar CS500 has a sporty design that is easy to use and can really help you manage your biking exercises a lot better.

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