Nike Heart Rate Monitor Range

Nowadays every one wants to be slim or at least fit. Every one wants to wear clothes that cling. However, not many people understand that exercise needs to be done in a certain way to reap benefits. We might feel that the rapid thumping of our heart is a proof enough that we are burning fat. However, it’s not really true. The most effective fat burning takes place only at a certain heart rate range. Rest of the time if you are panting and thinking that you are working out, you are actually deluding yourself! So how does one find out the target heart rate as it is known? It’s quite simple. All you need is a “Nike heart rate monitor”!

Why Choose a Nike Heart Rate Monitor

The greatest strength of Nike's heart rate monitor lineup is fashion. Although offering only a few models, their heart monitor watches come in a variety of hip styles and colors. Nike is one of the few companies that offer heart rate monitors specifically designed for women—smaller, slimmer, and sleeker than the big and bulky heart monitor watches usually designed for men. Nike's low-end heart monitors are about on par with the competition, offering pretty competitive prices. Their high-end monitors are less expensive compared to their competitors.

Nike has been a leader in the world of fitness and athletics. The predecessor of this company was founded in 1962 and it specialized in Japanese sports shoes. After a number of products, the company finally launched its Nike heart rate monitors in the late 1990s. These heart rate monitors took the market by storm since they were portable and convenient. Since then Nike heart rate monitors have seen a lot of evolution and today are world leaders in the field.

What are the advantages of Nike Heart rate monitors?

Nike is a name which is well known in the world of sports and athletics. Hence, it is evident that this “Just do it” company has extensive experience in sports related equipments. The Nike heart monitors have been liked by several customers wooing to their many beneficial features.

Here are the features which set this brand of heart rate monitors apart from the other heart monitors:

1. Easy to operate: Most gizmos have all complex functions and heavy manuals. However Nike believes in the principle “simplicity is beauty”. Nike heart rate monitors are exceedingly simple to operate and you don’t have to be a techie to use them!

2. Washable chest strap: Little things matter much. When you work out, you sweat. Hence it helps if the cloth part of the chest strap is washable so that it remains free of sweat and eventually infections.

3. No Metal on the skin: The Nike heart monitors are designed in such a way that there is no metal contact on your skin. Hence in cold mornings you don’t get something cold touching your skin directly.

4. Display options: You would want to know everything about your workout right? This brand of heart rate monitors have plenty of display options which can be set as per your preferences.

5. Power Save: If you don’t use your Nike heart Rate monitor for sometime, it will automatically switch it self off which saves on the battery.

Nike heart rate monitors are a class apart because of their built, convenience and varied features. Using this brand of heart monitor will ensure that you stay on your fitness regime and get a great work out!

A Nike Heart Rate Monitor is perfect for anyone looking for the right heart monitors. Nike watches are designed to help you move faster, stay warmer and live fuller. With this type of help, there is no need to have a personal fitness trainer. The Nike IMARA and the models in the Nike Triax range help achieve all these. They are built to endure extreme outdoor conditions without missing a beat. It is because of these that many professional athletes and personalities choose Nike as their brand of choice. The great thing about these Nike Heart Rate Monitors is that they are not only confined or made for professional athletes. As Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman once said – if you have a body, you're an athlete.