Garmin 610 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

I consider myself a fitness enthusiast. And I like to monitor the progress of my fitness level. I do this by investing in heart rate monitors for my exercise regimes. I’ve purchased a few in my day but the Garmin 610 Heart Rate Monitor Watch has to be in my opinion and from experience – the most accurate heart rate monitor out there. That’s why this is my first Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review. In this Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review I’ll try to include the features that I think are worth mentioning. So read on and see how you can gauge your exercise progress with this accurate heart rate monitor.

Great Innovative Features and Functions of the Garmin 610 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

With the Garmin 610 Heart Rate Monitor Watch there are no buttons to worry about when wanting to set your watch to particular features with its Touchscreen interface. With the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, this technology is only fitting. To be honest the only time I’ve had a problem with the touchscreen is during marathons when the start can be crowded and with bodies jostling about you, the touch of other people can upset what you’ve set on your heart rate monitor watch. But of course, I do most of my exercise alone so I haven’t had much trouble. With the Garmin 610 Heart Rate Monitor Watch I easily toggle data fields, review my run history and adjust my settings. And when I’m away on a business trip when I’m not too familiar with my surroundings I can still take a run and return to my starting point with the GPS positioning.

More on the 610 Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

I use the Garmin 610 Heart Rate Monitor to mainly determine my time, calories and distance, but this accurate heart rate monitor can track up to six other measurements some of which are weight, body fat and body water. There are actually more features than I care to use so I usually just familiarise myself with the features I use on a regular basis. And according to the features you choose to use, you can customize the vibrations to alert you on your heart rate, distance, time etc.

I hate having to miss a run, rain or shine so I really like that the Garmin 610 can withstand the rain and those occasions where ignorant motorists run straight into a pool of water right next to me. I can even use it on a treadmill, cycling outdoors or on an elliptical machine. The Garmin 610 can also be entertaining and challenging.

Final Look

After a run I can wirelessly upload my data to Garmin Connect (where I can view my work out on a map and check out other user’s activities) with the USB stick that comes with the heart rate monitor watch. With the Virtual Racer training tool, I can even race my previous best times or challenge other activities that I’ve uploaded from the Garmin Connect site.

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